Ken ReinkeHi and welcome,

If you’re here you are probably in search of something. Maybe life has thrown you a challenge. Maybe you’re a spiritual seeker looking for answers. If you think you want to work with me, you should know who I am. I’ll do my best here to tell you how I work and what I stand for.

I’d first advise you to bypass your thoughts and do your own inner check-in to see if you’re meant to work with me or not. Then simply trust that answer. Trusting your own inner knowing requires courage because often your personality will sabotage your higher sources of wisdom. This is the discernment that the initiate must develop on the spiritual path.

About Me

I’ve been called many things…healer, teacher, psychic, master, mystic and channel. To me, I am simply Ken. I live my life foremost to be of service to humanity and the planet using the psychic and spiritual gifts that I have been blessed with and developed.

Some gifts, like communing with spirit, I have been doing all my life and in many previous incarnations. Many other things that I do are not on the physical plane and I don’t talk about them. Please don’t ask.

Currently, I reside in Japan where I offer a limited number of one-on-one spiritual sessions.

I also mentor a small group of spiritual seekers who are dedicated to being of highest service to the world. My knowing is that I have shared many lives with those in this group and that we have come together this lifetime to work on specific tasks.

My Services

Those who are drawn to work with me are often in physical, emotional or spiritual crisis. I also help those who may be stuck in some aspect of their life or who are looking for additional guidance on their spiritual path.

I work with my own guides and yours to do physical healing, identification of intrusions and negative energies, channel specific messages and information, clear spaces and people, setup non-physical protection grids, do check ins on major decisions and anything else that is required.

I always default to what is in the highest good for the Soul that I am working with.

If the client is willing and ready, I can help them connect with their own guides and sources of wisdom. This is the beginning of spiritual initiation and maturation.

What to Expect in a Session

Most of my sessions are done remotely on Skype and there is no need to be physically present. Each session is uniquely different to the client. There is no script.

After a client tells me what is going on I’ll drop in to see what I am given on the inner planes. Sometimes I get more questions for the client. Other times I will see detailed image and sounds.

Always I am in communion with higher guides and organizing intelligences who pass along specific information that I then relay to the client. You can ask me about mostly anything.

I refrain from making future predictions and rarely give advice in love matters because it takes away from the person’s choice and is disempowering.

These sessions can be extremely valuable and at the end most clients feel clearer and have a knowing of next steps to take. After a session is over I will continue to monitor and provide assistance when appropriate.

If you feel called to work with me you can click here to contact me and book a session.

In appreciation and love,


p.s. Make sure you sign up for my email list here. I don’t email often (max once a week or less) but when I do I am sharing energetic information that will be useful for those in my community.